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Most land or property owners recognise the development potential of their assets but do not have the expertise, finance or capacity to undertake speculative developments directly.

They are reluctant to sell on the open market only to find at a later date that the developer goes on to make a windfall profit.

To overcome this dilemma CRC North has created a Joint Venture strategy that will allow Landowners to share in the development profit and, depending on their individual tax position, the flexibility of a Joint Venture with CRC could also enable significant tax benefits to be realised.


Joint Venture Principles

The JV will comprise the two parties:

The two parties will enter into a JV agreement which will set out the responsibility and obligations for both parties. It will also incorporate all the necessary safeguards to protect both the Landowner and CRC North.

Using our extensive experience in properly development, we will carry out the whole of the development, including the feasibility study, submission of the necessary planning applications and project funding.

We will then appoint the building contractor and manage the development during construction through to the final disposal of the completed development.

The land will be left in the JV by the Landowner at full market value as his share of the JV and will receive interest on the land value at a rate of 1.5% over bank base rate.

CRC North will receive a management fee of 1.5% of the total sales value.


Profit Share


CRC North has set up two options from which the Landowner may choose to take his development profit.



The key advantages of a CRC Joint Venture:


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